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    Striving to Give E-list Pets a Forever Home!  Our vision is to elevate the status of animals in society through facilitating a culture change in how people acquire animals and how they commit to those animals they choose to make a part of their family.

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Team Members!

Team MemberDonationsGoal
Jennifer Berry$0No Goal Set
Chris Langwell$0No Goal Set
Deb Green$0No Goal Set
Deb Miller$0No Goal Set
Helena Varnavas$0No Goal Set
Jacqualin Athay$0No Goal Set
Jennifer Purdon$0No Goal Set
Jill Samuelson$0No Goal Set
Jill Woodhull$0No Goal Set
Jim and Kat Lippard$0No Goal Set
Karen Currie$0No Goal Set
Kari Patterson$0No Goal Set
Kelly Quashnie Lindfors$0No Goal Set
Liz Taylor$0No Goal Set
Lori Williams$0No Goal Set
Mary Sanchez$0No Goal Set
Michelle & Eric Edwards$0No Goal Set
Rujuta Kulkarni$0No Goal Set

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