Jacqualin Athay


RESCUE Saves Lives.

I have been blessed with sweet souls who spent time at the county shelter. They were thrown  away, left to fend for themselves. They were put in a cage with no name just a number. Each of them with only hours left to live. The shelters in Maricopa county are over crowded, thru no fault of their own, cats and dogs are euthanized daily. In fact up to 500 a week. It is a sad sad place for cats and dogs abandoned and left to die. RESCUE is an amazing non profit organization I have been associated with for 18 years. Their mission Рrescue cats and dogs from the euthanasia list. Literally save their lives with minutes to spare. I have been blessed with 3 sweet RESCUE cats. Rudy- Juicy and Finley.. The loves of my life!

Your $$$ no matter how big or small allows us to save from that deadly list .

Please hug your furry babies and donate in their name! Thank you in advance for your love and support!

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