Jennifer Berry


Sometimes dogs and cats come to RESCUE in need of medical care, sometimes they need help healing their broken hearts, sometimes they come to us no worse for the wear.  RESCUE is there for each of them – whatever their needs.  Our amazing volunteers provide the BEST TLC around. Hearts are healed quickly with their loving, patient care.  Many times our new RESCUE dogs and cats require medical treatment(s).  Dentals are fairly common and unfortunately tend to be pricey due to lack of previous care.  Blood work, x-rays, medications, special food and spay and neutering all add up quickly and cost thousands and thousands of dollars each month.

RESCUE works around the clock, day after day, week after week, month after month to save and care for the dogs and cats in need.  Animals that through no fault of their own find themselves in dire need of help.  Help that if not provided, sadly will mean they will be lost forever.  Never becoming a loving member of their very own family.

You can help!  Once a year we reach out to our animal loving community for their support of our life saving efforts.Donations of ANY amount are in need.  Every dollar adds up and WILL make a huge difference to RESCUE.  We stretch every dollar as far as possible.  We only have one paid employee and over 200 volunteers.  But as I mentioned our medical, boarding and food expenses add up quickly.  Please help us continue our much needed work by making a tax deductible donation.

RESCUE has saved nearly 13,000 lives that have gone on to enrich the lives of their families. Lives that could have been lost and forgotten forever. But they were saved because someone made a donation to support our mission and efforts to prevent this tragedy from happening. You can be that someone too. Please make a donation of any amount to help us!  Your donation is tax deductible but even more importantly it will make a difference in the life of a dog or a cat that has been cast aside. Please join us! Every dollar adds up and is gratefully appreciated!

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