Michelle Edwards


Please help raise much-needed funding so that RESCUE can continue to save the lives of cats & dogs that find themselves on the euthanasia list through no fault of their own!  The attached pictures are some of the cats and dogs Eric and I have fostered over the years.  Any amount donated is so very much appreciated, not just by me, but all the animals that this donation will help save this year.  I can’t thank you enough!!!

These are links to some of our current awesome RESCUE pups that could use your help!

HankPhoebe, Bianca, Angie, Holly, Nola      How cute are they, right?!?!

These loving animals have been abandoned and neglected, but we can help…and RESCUE does, one at a time, over 20 years and 10 thousand times now.  For every dog or cat that is adopted, RESCUE goes back to the pound to save another life.   — Once again, I can’t thank you for any and all donations!  Michelle

Please check out some of the RESCUE dogs and kitties currently looking for homes that your donation will directly be helping.

Donations via cash or check are welcome too! Please write checks to RESCUE (please include my name in the note line) and mail to:

4747 East Elliot Road #29-415
Phoenix, Arizona 85044-1629

  • RESCUE receives no government support or corporate sponsorship.  We are solely supported by donations from our animal loving community.
  • RESCUE is dedicated to saving and caring for dogs and cats that through no fault of their own have been abandoned.
  • Once healthy, RESCUE provides a cage free environment for our dogs and cats.
  • RESCUE dogs and cats will stay safely within in our care until a permanent, loving home can be found.  We do not kill our animals because they have been with us too long, are too old, are too rambunctious, require expensive medical treatment or have special needs.
  • RESCUE is committed to our dogs and cats for their entire life.
  • RESCUE has no shelter.
  • Maricopa County has the 2nd highest per capita kill rate in the country.
  • RESCUE has the best volunteers around.  They allow us to thoroughly know the needs and wants for each of the RESCUE dogs and cats within our care.  This allows us to match them with their permanently loving home, reducing our return rate to less than 3%.

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