Yvonne Wolf


There are so many reasons that I have been with RESCUE for 10 years: the Dogs & Cats, the Volunteers, and I love that we save those on the Euthanasia list (usually because they are shy)!  Our adoption procedure demonstrates the importance of finding the perfect home for our furry friends – we request that our potential adopters go through a rigorous process.  Some rescues, while having good intentions, do not always MATCH the dog or cat with the perfect home, which can lead to a pet being returned to the pound.  RESCUE never does same-day adoptions.  We interview the potential adopter, complete a home visit, observe the interaction between the cat/dog and the potential adopter, and make a decision based on the compatibility. Furthermore, it is our policy that the pet is returned to RESCUE if the adoption does not work out. 

In Maricopa County, Arizona

  •  Euthanasia rates have decreased by 71% since 2012, saving more than 26,000 dogs and cats.  But, 29% still are euthanized only because they cannot find a home.

RESCUE is the last voice for dogs and cats who, through no fault of their own, find themselves awaiting death at our county pounds. Since 1995, we have operated with the philosophy that for every animal we place we will be back to rescue another facing an untimely death. To date, we have fulfilled that promise nearly 12,000 times.  I have been with RESCUE for over 10 years and have met some amazing volunteers, foster parents, adopters, and animals.  These precious animals have been such an inspiration to me that I want to do whatever I can to help.  So Please join me to help find these boys and girls a permanent home.  



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